About Wiogora

Wiogora School of Wonder and Wisdom 
offers Two Magical Weeks of Friendship and Fun in a theatrical Hogwarts-themed environment with kind, capable, enthusiastic, & well-trained staff.

Like the famous wizarding school in Scotland--Hogwarts, Wiogora (WEE-oh-GOR-ah) has four houses. Our houses were all founded by powerful mages united by their desire to use the most powerful magic of all to transfigure the world itself: kindness. The noble houses of PhoenixFire, WindHorse, WaveRider, and StoneDragon enfold our students in their community and traditions. Our own Sorting Hat will sort all first-year students into the houses most suited to their personality during the first Opening Ceremony of the season.

Class Levels - Classes are organized by age:
OWLS - Ordinary Wizarding Levels
1st - 2nd Grades

Advanced OWLs 
3rd - 5th Grades

NEWTs ~ Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Trials
6th - 8th Grades

Advanced NEWTs
9th-12th Grades

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What's in a name?

Wiogora  is an ancient name of a British community that existed around 700AD. It means "People of the winding river". It later became Wiogora Caestre or "Wiogora Castle", which eventually evolved into Worcester. JK Rowling's world mentions 11 known schools of magic; Wiogora is a part of that grand tradition, right here in Central Massachusetts.

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