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Our Staff

Meet our staff of accomplished mages and adventurous ELFS!
Since they disguise themselves as muggles 
more or less effectively when not at Wiogora, we have included their muggle identities using the term "muggly known as" or mka.

Check back here to find out some (but not all) of the mysterious and exciting details about many returning and new staff next year! Who will be the Heads of House? Which teachers and professors are returning and what classes will be offered? Who are the guides, ELFS, floating ghosts, and special guests? 
Senior Staff
Professor Juniper Wintry, MKA* Kelley Guilfoil-Zinkevich, Senior-Head of PhoenixFire House. She has been at Wiogora since 2015. She has taught Misuse of Muggle Artifacts and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Professor Wintry employs a collaborative approach, believing that all scholars, and professors learn from each other.
In her muggle persona, Kelley has taught Religious Education at First Unitarian from pre-school to junior high aged students. She is a licensed social worker and works at UMass Memorial Healthcare. 
Professor Abby Normal Ranunculus, MKA* Abigail Hannaford-Ricardi. Senior-Head of House for WindHorse, Abigail has been at Wiogora since 2012. Professor Ranunculus  has taught Transfigurations and Care of Magical Creatures. She is also a member of the A Team and an ELFS Mentor.   She has been the Children's Coordinator at First Unitarian Church since 2006. Prior to that she was a director of an art studio, a case administrator for adults with developmental delays, a director of activities at a geriatric-psychiatric long term care facility, a nursing home social worker, and a special needs foster and adoptive mom. Abigail has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentrations in ceramics and print making, and she has a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology, both from Clark University.

Professor Evangeline Almondine Biscotti, MKA* Vicki Heidorn, Senior-Head of House of StoneDragon. In her first role in 2012, Madame Biscotti, as she was known, cared for the Potter Tots, the littlest magical offspring of volunteers; in 2015 she worked on the crew which built the giant maze for the final tournament. Apparating and Disapparating, Professor Biscotti is known for magically appearing with whatever is needed.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Vicki, a graduate of Boston University, has served as a Religious Education teacher and Child & Family Mental health paraprofessional. She and her husband, Chuck, are grandparents and business owners of Surroundings Gallery & Custom Framing, in Gardner, MA. Professor Biscotti enjoys meeting scholars at their developmental level, to listen and share with joy.

Professor Kay Calleia, MKA* Kim Napoleone, Senior Head of House of WaveRider, Transfigurations Club
Kim teaches classes in Charms and Transfigurations at Wiogora. Kim has been teaching Religious Exploration (and Education) at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester for 12 years. She is a freelance artist and teaches art studio classes. Kim is also involved in theatre with set design, acting and singing. She was a middle school teacher of math and social studies at St. Anna's in Leominster, as well as Head of the Art Department and Social Studies for the K-8 school and Head of Math for grades 6-8. She was  co-director of the children's Theatre Arts program for grades 4-8 at St. Anna’s.  She is now a substitute teacher for Worcester Public Schools and a school library volunteer.

The Somerset Pixie, MKA* Juliet Donaldson, Gringott's Goblin 
Juliet was born and raised in Somerset, England, where she attended the muggle but magical Cambridge University to study economics. Three years later after qualifying as an accountant, she married her husband, had four children and then together they traveled across the Atlantic to settle in Massachusetts where they discovered the wonders of Unitarian Universalism. In 2018, after four years leading a Faith Development program at a smaller UU church and going through the UUA’s Credentialing Program for Religious Educators, The Somerset Pixie joined First Unitarian as the Director of Faith Development. In the Wiogora community she uses her skill with galleons, sickles and knuts to manage the Wiogora finances. 
Professor  Chandra Belena  MKA* Jozie Ewart, Ministry of Magic WaveRider, First Unitarian's Youth Programs Coordinator
Sir AEden Hastur Atredies, MKA*Warren Huber, Web Wizard, Dumbledore's Army, Flying Lessons, Quiddich 
Professor Penna Pembroke, MKA* Janet "JP" Putnam
WindHorse, Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher. JP is a social worker with 20+ years experience working with youth and families as a therapist, case manager, prevention specialist and program director. She has worked with  faith-based youth groups and summer camps. She has loved living in Tucson since 2005. She is back in New England to help her parents; her dad is in his late 80s and has advanced Parkinsons.
Adult Staff
Professor Lucineh Rosa, MKA* Linda Chatalian Wyatt
WindHorse Head of House Emeritus. Linda was a Speech-language Pathologist, M.S. CCC-SLP, Writer. Treating preschoolers to adults who need speech-languate therapy and/or other aspects of commucication improvement/enhancement. She has been involved with creative dramatics. singing and dancing and writing poetry her whole life.

Madame Cheviot Fleecely MKA*Susan Eiseman Levitin
Ministry of Magic. Transfigurations After-Care Club with Professor Kay Calleia. A professional fiber artist, teacher, and homeschooling mom in the Muggle world, she has led a Fibrous Transfigurations Intensive, taught Defense Against the Dark Arts and Wiogoran Dance and served as a Head of House for WaveRider.

Professor Hibiscus Clodhopper MKA* Jean Grant
Head of House of WindHorse, Potions Teacher, and is a member of the A-Team. Her background is in science. She was Director of Children's Education at Wesley United Methodist for 3 years but stepped down two years ago to pursue writing full-time and spend more time with her family. She's always had a passion for writing, art, and nature. Now, she works as an author, with a focus on novels (4 published so far) and family magazines. She's also on her local Library Board of Trustees.

Sir Alexius Danby MKA* Daniel Levitin. 
Daniel has been a guide, professor, an Assistant Head of House of PhoenixFire, and ELFS Mentor. He teaches Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, with an emphasis on exploration, tinkering, and the scientific method. He received Knighthood at the end of the summer of 2014, and was a founding member of the Knights’ Council when it formed in 2015. He has taught Enchantments and helped assemble a Wiogora-wide puzzle hunt. He has worked with children at camps and summer programs for the past eight summers, with ages ranging from toddlers to teenagers. Besides mechanical engineering, he has also tutored math at all levels. Currently studying for a Ph. D. in mathematics. 

Professor Powletta Burrows-Skreetsch MKA* Ellen O’Neall-Waite. 
History of Magic Teacher based on the volumes of the Harry Potter Chronicles and more. She also arranges for Wand Purveyors, and she taught Potter Puppets and Potions in the past. Ellen is retired from healthcare office management and insurance office management. As a member of First Unitarian Church of Worcester, she sings in the choir, is a member of the Worship Arts Committee, is an occasion lay preacher, and champions all things Wiogora.  The highlight of her retirement is volunteering in classrooms at Canterbury Street School and running a Harry Potter book club at Vernon Hill School.  She has worked extensively in local theater and vocal groups, as an actor, singer, and designer of sets and props. She cuts and coaches audition monologues for IMTAs, local theater, and college auditions.

Thomasina Tuttleturtle, MKA* Stephanie Fuller.
Assistant Head of House of Windhorse, Arithmancy Teacher, ELFS mentor, A Team member
Steph has been tutoring math ever since co-finding the peer tutoring program at their high school, 17 years at this point, and has tutored in a variety of settings. They also have the particular experience of being a multiply disabled adult who has tutored disabled children, adding mentorship to math education. Steph has also been following different aspects of disability rights since they learned they were autistic in their early teen years and is a neurodiversity movement activist who follows other disability rights movements.

Lady Flora Forsythia  MKA* Hannah Kasten. 
Magical Maladies Team (First Aid)
StoneDragon, Hannah has been a staff at Wiogora since 2016. She is a nursing student at Florida Southern College with years of childcare experience with Wiogora, First Unitarian Church, and many other families and organizations. In the past as an ELF she has guided Owl 1s, Owl 4s, and Newt 5s and is a member of StoneDragon house.

Leona Monte - mka Ari Summit
Leona's position at Wiogora is to help whoever or whatever needs it. She has been here for the past seven years. Outside of Wiogora, Ari works in an environmental analytical lab. In the past Ari has been an aide in religious school classes (Kindergarten and 1st) and a one-on-one aide for an autistic child (3rd, 4th & 5th grade).  She enjoys photography and reading in her free time.

Professor Lavenderia Wanda Giggleposh, MKA* Jenny DelGizzi
WaveRider, Bubbles Teacher and and Kitchen Witch. She has been serving Worcester's children, youth and families through arts, and education for over 17 years. In her muggle world she received a BFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College, practices mixed media, teaches, and enjoys paper arts. Jenny has been volunteering at the Unitarian Church of Worcester since 2004, as a teacher, a youth mentor and REC board member. 

Professor Irene Morgant, MKA* Erin Vignes
Head of House WaveRider, has taught Rhythm Wizardry and Care of Magical Creatures. Erin has 15 years experience teaching Religious Education in Baton Rouge. She is a fitness instructor, a home school mother and co-owns and directs Hogwarts on the Bayou in Baton Rouge. She returned to Wiogora for her 4th summer in 2019.

Starga, MKA* Tina E. Gaffney, PhoenixFire, Teacher Advanced Dueling (Improv and Social Justice.) 
Tina has an affinity for all things Theatrical- and all things Orange! She is an avid Story Teller; enjoys inspiring young minds by helping them find their voice, and is in her 8th season of hosting, writing, and producing her radio show through The Audio Journal, The Radio Reading Service of Central Mass; which was recognized for their work in the February 2019 issue of "O Magazine"! 
Madame Forestee Moonvee, MKA* Shannon Vyff 
Divination Teacher. WindHorse, Previously she taught Divination 4 years at Harry Potter Camp First UU Austin TX. Shannon has been teaching RE classes at UU churches in OR, TX and MA for 10 years and was DRE for 2 years at First Unitarian Lubbock TX. Shannon is the author of 21st Century Kids, a science fiction adventure book about the future based on ideas from science from now. She did Early Childhood Education in college and has volunteered in many scouting programs, children's clubs and PTA groups over the past 20 years while raising her four children. She has been a La Leche League Leader for 21 years and currently leads the LLL Waltham and LLL Worcester/Central MA groups.
E.L.F.S. > Equipping Leaders through Fun and Service
ELFS Staff are between the ages of 15-18, so we won’t post their muggle names. The list below shows 2019 ELFS roles.
Guiding groups
Owl 1: Evielyn, Ziggy, Mira (& Darrow, non-ELFS)
Owl 2: Phyllo, Crackers, Wonton, Eclipse (& Gwyn, non-ELFS)
Owl 3: Pixel, Frodo, Zippy
Owl 4: Glitch, Perceus, Nova
Owl 5: Upendo, Statler, Waldorf, Rune
Owl 6: Pippin, Adran, Flo
Newt 1: Glimmer, Casiopeia, Crackle
Newt 2: Tac, Pop, Bubbles
Newt 3: Pasta, Collie, Bean
Newt 4: Wolf, Circuit, Olive
Newt 5: Berry, Sprinkles, Jonch
Newt 6: non-ELFS Seattle
Teachers and Assistant teachers
Dumbledore’s Army: Zed, Basil
Misuse of Muggle Artifacts: Link
Service Projects: Walli (leader), Zu
Spell Play: Firefly, Ziggy, Pop
Doer of All Things (Techie): Dosser