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Our Staff

Meet our staff of accomplished mages and adventurous ELFS!
Since they disguise themselves as muggles more or less effectively when not at Wiogora, we have included their muggle identities using the term "muggly known as, or mka.

Headmagister Veralyce Gibbons

(mka Nan AK Gibbons)  I will be joined by many returning and new staff this year! Check back here to find out some (but not all) of the mysterious and exciting details! Who will be the Heads of house? Which teachers and professors are returning and what classes will be offered? Who are the guides, ELFS, floating ghosts, and special guests? Maybe I'll drop a hint or two about what's to come also! 
Our Headmagister, Professor Veralyce Gibbons is also very engaged in the Muggle world. There, as Nan AK Gibbons, she spends her time building community & supporting emotional, educational & spiritual development with the Arts. Ms. Gibbons received both her BA in Music and Art and her M Ed degrees in Music from Lesley University. At Andover Newton Theological School, she also earned a Master of Theological studies degree in Worship and Arts with a strong emphasis in Pastoral Psychology.  She also completed a post graduate choral directing program at Butler University and a Drum Circle Facilitator program with Remo.

Nan AK Gibbons
Ms. Gibbons is the Sunday School Director at Wesley United Methodist church. She’s music director of the Band of Voices Community Chorus in Barre, Shir Joy Chorus in Westborough, the Joy Of Music Program Children’s Chorus, Worcester Taize, and Wesley Children’s Choir. She is teaching artist in residence at Nashoba Montessori School in Lancaster. She provides drum circles in social service settings, senior care facilities, churches and after school programs. As a composer, arranger and choral artist, she taught in the New York Metropolitan Opera Guild’s Urban Voices Choral Initiative for twelve years.  Ms. Gibbons also enjoys reading, research, painting, sculpture, writing, contra dancing, and is curious about nearly everything. She is especially drawn to multicultural, multigenerational collaborative work grounded in personal artistic, academic and spiritual practice.
Meet our Executive Committee
Professor Juniper Wintry, MKA* Kelley Guilfoil-Zinkevich, is CO-Head of Poenixfire House and has been at Wiogora since 2015. She has taught Misuse of Muggle Artifacts and is honored to be teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts at this year's summer program. Professor Wintry employs a collaborative approach, believing that all scholars, and professors learn from each other.                                                                                                                                                                 
She is new to the world of magic as her Acceptance Letter was lost in the windstorm of 1979. She didn't realize her abilities until the fortuitous bowling alley incident when her youngest child was 3 years old. She went on to earn her W.E.D. (Wizarding Equivalency Degree) and walks the line between the wizarding and muggle worlds. 
In her muggle persona, Ms Wintry has taught Religious Education at First Unitarian from pre-school to junior high aged students. She is a licensed social worker and works at UMass Memorial Healthcare.
Professor Abby Normal Ranunculus, MKA* Abigail Hannaford-Ricardi has been at Wiogora since 2012. She has taught Transfigurations for 5 of these years and has been a Co-Head of House for Windhorse since 2013. Professor Ranunculus believes the strongest force in the world is love. In her classes, scholars transfigure found objects into art, but it is not about the finished work as much as the process. Art is a second language, a source of healing and a freedom to get messy. It is a great way to develop so many skills, including focus, motor coordination,decision making, spacial thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and inventiveness, but most of all, it's fun!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Professor Ranunculus delights in her many magical frog relatives. She is a direct descendant of the famous animagus, Wizard Ranae Ranunculus, known to muggles as the frog prince. 
In her muggle disguise, Abigail has been the Children's Coordinator at First Unitarian Church since 2006. Prior to that she was a director of an art studio, a case administrator for adults with developmental delays, a director of activities at a geriatric-psychiatric long term care facility, a nursing home social worker, and a special needs foster and adoptive mom. Abigail has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentrations is ceramics and print making,  and a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology both from Clark University.
Professor Xenia Azhar, MKA* Alison Barrows Ronn has been at Wiogora since 2014. She has taught Arithmancy and History of Magic and been a Head of House of Waverider.  Professor Xenia believes than any engaging topic provides the opportunity for thoughtful and juicy conversation.                                                                                                                                                                                        Professor Xenia came to embrace her magical abilities when her eldest child showed astonishing magical aptitude. Two other magical children followed the first, and to keep up, Xenia fully embraced her magical abilities, completing a continuing ed degree at Hogwarts extension school. 
In her muggle persona, Ms. Barrows Ronn has been a technical writer and trainer. She has taught Religious Education at First Unitarian, and been a member of the Religious Education and Ministerial Search Committees.  She chaired the Wiogora Council from its inception in 2015 until October 2017. She is currently a member of the Wiogora Executive Committee. Ms. Ronn holds a Master in Public Policy. 
Professor Evangeline Almondine Biscotti, MKA* Vicki Heidorn, is Co-Head of House of StoneDragon House. In her first role in 2012, Madame Biscotti, as she was known, cared for the Potter Tots, the littlest magical offspring of volunteers; in 2015 she worked on the crew which built the giant maze for the final tournament. Apparating and Disapparating, Professor Biscotti is known for magically appearing with whatever is needed.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Carrying the magic into the Muggle world, Vicki Heidorn, a graduate of Boston University, has served as a Religious Education teacher and Child & Family Mental health paraprofessional. She and her husband, Chuck, are grandparents and business owners of Surroundings Gallery & Custom Framing, in Gardner, MA. Vicki is a chorus member in the Salisbury Singers of Worcester, loves contra dancing, and spends free time editing and writing. With young and old, Professor Biscotti meets scholars at their developmental level, to listen and share with joy.
* Muggley-Known-As