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What We Believe

The Wiogora School of Wonder & Wisdom is a Harry Potter-themed community promoting Peace, Hope, Faith & Love. We believe in welcoming people of every age, race, class, size, ability, neurotype, nationality, faith, sexual orientation, & gender identity.

We denounce the statements made by JK Rowling online and in her books that amplify prejudice against trans, gender non-conforming and non-binary people. We are also aware that the Harry Potter series advances stereotypes that are hurtful to many different communities. We recognize the harms that these statements and stereotypes create. While we may be a Harry Potter-based camp, we do not condone or support the author's public opinions. We choose to focus on the good in the writings of JK Rowling and others and we seek to grow into a better and more just community.

We're here because of the transformative magic of human kindness, which is created by our diverse community of magical people.

Wiogora can provide support by offering to hold group or individual conversations with anyone who would like to explore this topic. Please reach out to Lady Wren (wren_featherly@wiogora.firstunitarian.com) and The Somerset Pixie (somerset_pixie@wiogora.firstunitarian.com) for more information or to become involved.