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Applications for Staff and Volunteer Positions will open on Feb 14th 2022

Staff Roles

By creating a character and their Wiogora name and story, staff add to the magic of Wiogora.

The Ministry of Magic is in charge of all magical organization at Wiogora.

Heads of House—Heads of House are responsible for their house during house common time, including activities and snacks, opening assembly, and Quidditch. Most importantly, Heads of House nurture each scholar’s spirit and sense of belonging. Heads of House are also Professors or have another significant role at Wiogora.

Professors and Teachers —Present lessons in subjects they are passionate about to groups of about 10 scholars grouped by age. The time commitment is somewhat flexible, up to 3 hours a day, unless other duties are chosen. 

Guides—Guides stay with the same individual group through many classes, getting to know them well. They support young scholars, model interest and positive behavior, and contribute to their sense of self worth and belonging. Guides must be available for at least one full week of classes. Guides have a 9 AM breakfast meeting before classes each day. Guides are free to leave after 2:45 PM unless they have signed on for additional duties, (or do not want to miss Quidditch!). 

E.L.F.S. Equipping Leaders through Fun & Service — Our equivalent to Counselors in Training, ELFS assist other staff members with classes, set-up, take-down, and scholar needs. ELFS receive extra training and support before and during the program. They attend a mandatory meeting from 3:45-4:45 pm each day. Scholars age 15-18 are eligible to apply for this selective program.  Deadline is April 1.

Floating Ghosts—Volunteers with limited time availability undergo the same vetting, orientation, and background checks required of all staff. Floating Ghosts arrive and depart according to their availability and move about the “castle” to assist wherever needed during their time.   Floating Ghosts can be especially helpful during opening day, class time, lunch, snacks, and special house projects. 

Kitchen Witches—Kitchen Witches receive and serve snacks and make sure that drinking water is always available in the dining room. Kitchen witches also assist in supervising lunch periods. 

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